Cardinals Mated Pair

Cardinal Pair
by Cheryl Casey
8” x 10”
Original: NFS (yet)

Prints available below.

After painting this one, I went on a search to find out if cardinals really do mate for life. The consensus among birdwatchers and article writers is: it’s complicated. They apparently do choose a mate for their lifespan but both the male and female might occasionally have a little side dalliance without anybody getting their feathers ruffled over it.

I took my art booth to my hometown Christmas Market Extravaganza this month and the cardinal painting turned out to be the star of my offerings that weekend. It was a nice surprise to hear how the red birds evoked so many memories of loved ones.

My table and centerpiece for the holiday market.

Prints are for sale in my usual places, with free shipping:
Cardinal Pair on Etsy
Cardinal Pair on Amazon Handmade


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