Sunflower in a Mason Jar

Sunflower in Jar
by Cheryl Casey
8" x 10"
Original: NFS

Prints: Available below

The temps are dropping quite a bit in my part of Texas and it made me think of this as canning sunshine for the winter. I think I will paint a few in a series with various flowers in old mason jars. I like the way watercolors handle the distortion of colors and shapes, and the way light filters through the water. I think that aspect comes off delicately and smoothly with watercolors. I had not noticed the depth of the darks found in a glass jar when just handling them in the kitchen; it was a nice surprise when I was painting this one.

My small hibiscus in the backyard has a few buds on it that I'm watching so I can paint another. Hopefully they will go ahead and bloom even though the temperatures have dropped quite a bit in my part of Texas.

Signature Edition prints (hand signed but not numbered) are available in my Handmade on Amazon shop:
8" x 10" - $12.99
11" x 14" - $16.99


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