World Naked Gardening Day

Cheryl Casey
World Naked Gardening Day
8" x 10"

Let me see if  I can remember how this came about... I saw something, maybe an announcement, about World Naked Gardening Day on Instagram and thought surely somebody was just making that up. I Googled it and there were a few official-looking mentions and a website. But does anybody really participate in World Naked Gardening Day? Is it really really a thing?

There was the Instagram hashtag, ready to click, but you never know what you're getting yourself into. Curiosity won out and I clicked it. And there were hundreds of posts - creatively discreet snapshots of people having shucked their britches, bras, and whatnot and posed in their garden, having fun with the crazy day.

And then, up scrolled a beautifully posed and photographed picture of a young lady in her garden, in the buff. Not every great photograph needs to be painted but this one did.

Then came the slightly creepy-feeling decision to ask for permission to paint it. I hesitated and I tried to figure out the right way to word it but eventually I figured that if she had the guts to post her bum on Instagram, she probably wouldn't be too concerned about somebody like me asking to paint the photo.

As it turns out, she browsed my art and was enthusiastic about letting me give it a go.

So this is Peyton, a fellow Texan, celebrating World Naked Gardening Day on May 5 (the first Saturday in May), 2018.

female nude art

A quick progress photo here. My snapchat friends get bombarded with these.

nude gardening

Sometimes a detail can be missing but it isn't obvious to me until I take a photo. It kind of makes me step back and see it more objectively I think. In this case the lower left garden box needed a deep shadow on its plank facing the center.

As promised to Peyton, I mailed her the original and will have prints to sell in my stores as soon as I'm caught up with other custom orders.


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