Nuzzling Horses

Nuzzling Horses Watercolor Art Copyright Cheryl Casey 2018
Nuzzling Horses
by Cheryl Casey
Original: NFS

Prints: Available below
Nuzzling Horses watercolor painting by Cheryl Casey

A few friends and collectors have told me that this is their favorite of the horses. They find it calming and serene. One friend explained that it conveys emotion.

I was trying to decide between this one and the Wild Mustang to have something matted and framed fairly large for the focal point of my art booth. I was leaning toward the Wild Mustang but when I put them up for a vote on my Facebook page, this one had the clear majority. In the end, my husband pitched in and we had them both done. They work out great for when festival traffic is coming from two different directions, which most of them do.
The original dimensions aren’t a standard size and require custom cut mat and frame but the prints in my stores are cropped to fit standard frames. I may add the uncropped, non-standard size though since my friends and I find it more appealing.

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