Hello there, thanks for stopping by. My name is Cheryl Casey and I am a working artist living on the edge of the West Texas plains. I have been an artist for a pretty long time and I love what I do. I studied at Cisco College, Texas State University, and Tarleton State University where I earned a Bachelor of Art degree.

I work in my home studio, mostly on watercolors and ink art. Most of my art is inspired by my upbringing, surroundings, and culture right here in Texas, from the rugged counties in the West to the beautiful cities of San Antonio, Austin, and Dallas. You'll find bold colors here with a sense of warmth and excitement.

Other Tidbits Casual gardener, fair carpenter when necessary. Mensa member (when I pay my dues, which is rarely). JalapeƱo jelly addict.

Date nights with my husband are often spent painting rocks and leaving them around town for passersby to find. Part of the "kindness rocks" movement that has been going on all over the nation (world?)

I look forward to World Art Drop Day every September, started by Jake Parker. The first year I participated, I left a small piece of art to be found in every town in my home county. The driving  took all day. Another year, I drove to my dad's hometown and left small artworks in public places.

The librarian in my dad's home town (also hometown of Conan the Barbarian author Robert E. Howard) let me leave an art drop bookmark in one of their books, to eventually be found by a Neil Gaiman reader.

A fun thing, kind of out of context with my art but still a proud day for me... In 2016 I was a Regional Qualifier in the American Marksman competition. Finished 19 out of 135 in a five-state region. It was a national competition with states grouped into different regions and was televised on the Outdoor Channel. It all culminated in a final event in Talladega for all the first place finishers in each category and each region. It was the first in what was gearing up to be an annual event but, sadly, the organizers chose not to pursue it beyond that year.

I usually get in on Inktober, another Jake Parker brainchild, but I haven't made it past Inktober 3rd even though I keep it small with microns and post-its. It's fun to add a few each year though.


Prints on Amazon Handmade: amazon.com/handmade/CherylCaseyArt  

Custom paintings and prints on Etsy: www.etsy.com/shop/cherylcaseyart


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