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Hi! Thanks for stopping by. Here's a little about what I do... I mostly draw, paint, and write.

And a little history... I was born and raised in Texas, on the edge of the West Texas plains. I have considered myself an artist for most of my life. I attended Cisco College, Texas State University, and Tarleton State University where I earned a Bachelor of Art degree.

Aside from art, I am also a fair musician, carpenter, and gardener; a Mensa member, mom, and wife. One fun thing I did recently was compete in the American Marksman competition ("No pros, just joes", that's me). My son competed as well and we had a great time. The regional competitions and national finals were filmed and aired on the Outdoor Channel.

I write about home reno projects, things I make, and miscellaneous experiments on my blog, Mama's Got a Chainsaw.

The best place to contact me is on facebook: www.facebook.com/cherylcaseyart